Our governing body oversees the federation of Kirkby-in-Malhamdale United (VA) Primary School and Settle CE (VC) Primary School. The Federation arrangement was established in October 2019.

The Governing Body represents both the communities of Malhamdale and Settle. It members include parent governors, staff governors, governors appointed by the Local Authority, governors co-opted from the local community and can include any governors (known as associate governors) elected on to the Governing Body for a particular purpose.

We  are proud to have governors with church connections in recognition of Settle Primary School's status as a Church of England School and we have Foundation Governors who represent the secular Foundation of Kirkby Malham.

The Governing Body has a range of powers and duties laid down by various Education Acts. In the main, these responsibilities relate to:

  • Setting targets and promoting high standards of educational achievement
  • Acting appropriately to implement recommendations from outside bodies such as Ofsted.
  • Setting the strategic framework within which the school operates
  • Management of the school's delegated budget
  • Ensuring that the curriculum for the school is balanced and broadly based

Governors discharge the above responsibilities, together with many others, through a Governing Body meeting each term. These formal meetings are supplemented by a series of informal sub committee-meetings dealing with more specific issues.

A number of governors also have responsibilities for specific issues within the school such as Finance, Resources, Safeguarding and Special Needs.

Governors adopt, review and monitor a range of policies that govern the operation of the school including Health and Safety, Behaviour, Curriculum and Performance Management.

The Governing Body is proud of the achievements of the school, not only in terms of good academic results, but also in the solid foundations it provides in preparing all our pupils for life in the wider world.