Univeristy of Leeds Science Visit

In a captivating educational event, children were treated to an engaging science workshop focused on plant biology, with the support of esteemed guests from the University of Leeds. 

Senior research fellow Dr. Suruchi Roychoudhry, accompanied by doctoral trainees Alex and Zoe, led the workshop, bringing their extensive knowledge and passion for plant science to eager young minds.

The visit was a part of the children's ongoing studies on plants in science, designed to enrich their understanding of the natural world.  During the workshop, students delved into the fascinating world of seeds and their dispersal mechanisms. They learned about the various adaptations plants have developed to thrive in different environments.

The hands-on experience was a highlight, as the children used microscopes to explore intricate details of plant structures, including the fine hairs on plant roots that are invisible to the naked eye.  The excitement peaked when the children had the opportunity to create their own flying seeds, a practical activity that demonstrated the principles of seed dispersal in a fun and interactive way.