This week, students at Kirkby MAlham Primary had the invaluable opportunity to learn about water safety from PSO Kirkbride and PSO Brittan. The visit, part of a broader initiative to raise awareness about the importance of water safety, proved to be both educational and engaging for the children.  

During the visit, the officers spoke about various aspects of water safety, focusing on how to identify potential dangers and hazards in different water environments. Their presentation was tailored to help children understand the risks associated with water bodies and how to keep themselves and others safe.  

A highlight of the visit was the use of the fantastic water safety flume. This interactive tool vividly demonstrated the hidden risks that can be present in water, such as strong currents, underwater obstacles, and varying water depths. The children were captivated by the flume's demonstrations, which provided a visual and practical understanding of why certain safety measures are crucial.  They found the presentation both fascinating and eye-opening. Many of them were surprised to learn about the less obvious dangers that water can pose. The session sparked numerous questions from the children.  

The school would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to PSO Kirkbride and PSO Brittan for taking the time to visit and share their expertise. Their efforts are much appreciated and have undoubtedly made a lasting impression on the pupils. This visit is a crucial step in promoting water safety awareness amongst young people, potentially preventing accidents and saving lives in the future.  Such educational initiatives are vital, especially as the summer months approach and families spend more time near water. The knowledge and skills imparted by the officers will help ensure that the children can enjoy water activities safely and responsibly.  

We  hope to continue this partnership with local law enforcement to provide children  with ongoing education on safety topics. Visits in the past have included ONLINE SAFETY, FIRE & ROAD SAFETY,  and STRANGER DANGER .