Forest Activities
Forest Activities

Kirkby-In-Malhamdale (KIM) has a very successful Parent Teacher Association (PTA). All parents are automatically members, and are encouraged to join in and get involved!


The PTA are incredibly proud of our school, which does a fantastic job.The aim of the PTA is to support the school to best educate the children, This is achieved by

  • Fund-raising
  • Enabling good relations between parents and the school and its teaching staff.
  • Providing activities for the children
  • Providing a focal point for meeting other parents

And we hope to have fun along the way!

What do we do?

To raise funds the Association organises events throughout the year for children and parents. In the last couple of years we have been involved in Christmas and Easter Fairs, A children’s movie night, PTA Ball, Curry Night to name a few.

Where do the funds go?

All funds raised by the Association are used in the school to benefit the children. In the last few years the Association has raised around £5,000 a year. We liaise with parents, teachers and children to spend this in the manner which best enriches the education of current and future children. Recent examples include:

  • Outdoor trim trail
  • Library / classroom refurbishment
  • New Library books
  • Ocarinas
  • Waterproof clothing
  • School trip to Pantomime
  • New portable sound system and microphones
  • Class set of drums
  • Class set of chime bars
  • School trip to the National Science and Media Museum.

How can you help?

We believe a healthy and successful PTA directly benefits the education of all children at the school. This is reliant on the time and efforts of parents, so we encourage everyone to get involved. There are many ways of contributing, for example attending meetings and fundraisers, joining the committee, and helping out at social events.

How does the PTA work?

We have a termly meeting and  The Annual General Meeting is held in the Autumn term to report on the previous year's activities and to elect a new committee.

You can contact KIM PTA through the school office (01729 830214) and they will put you in touch with the Chair who is Lucy Green.