Modern Foreign Languages (French) Curriculum Intent

We aim to develop children’s experience of language acquisition and encourage curiosity about languages. To develop their understanding of what they hear and read, and have an ability to express themselves in speech and writing. Extend their knowledge of how language works and explore differences between French and English. And strengthen their sense of identity through learning about culture in Francophone countries and comparing it with their own culture.

MFL Curriculum Implementation

Planning and Resources

We plan using the North Yorkshire French scheme and resources and follow the suggested units to be covered. We supplement this with Singing French where it fits and some of our own resources too.

Lesson Structure/Key Elements

Lessons are usually 45 minutes per week lessons. However, we are flexible and sometimes we may combine these to longer lessons. We try to teach a mixture of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills across a unit and where possible, a mix of these skills within each lesson. Games, songs and role play activities are used to engage the pupils in their French learning.

All children from Nursery through to Y6 are given French lessons. Y2/3/4 around 30 minutes per week and Y5/6 45  minutes and Class 1 children have 10 minutes of learning greetings and counting per week.

Pierre the puppet is helpful in delivering the lessons in Class 1 and 2.


Marking is often done with the children in class.  Most feedback is oral within a lesson.


We are using endpoints to ascertain whether children have learnt the knowledge.